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Nicotinamide Riboside: A New Form of Vitamin B3

Nicotinamide Riboside: A New Form of Vitamin B3

You may not be familiar with nicotinamide riboside (NR), but evidence from recent studies suggests it's worth getting to know this newly discovered form of vitamin B3 -- it could be a powerful ally in the fight against age-related health issues.

NR works by boosting levels of NAD+, a cellular metabolite essential for energy production and protection against stress and DNA damage. NAD+ levels decline with age, negatively affecting the efficiency and function of mitochondria, the cells' energy-producing powerhouses. Diminished NAD+ levels may play a role in age-related health decline.

Research in animals has shown that boosting NAD+ has a variety of benefits, including improved blood sugar control and cholesterol, resistance to weight gain, and a longer lifespan. A new study -- the first controlled human clinical trial of NR -- shows that this compound is safe and effective for humans. Researchers report that an NR supplement increased NAD+ metabolism by amounts directly related to the dose, without any serious side effects at any dose.

"This trial shows that oral NR safely boosts human NAD+ metabolism," says Charles Brenner, a lead researcher of the trial. "We are excited because everything we are learning from animal systems indicates that the effectiveness of NR depends on preserving and/or boosting NAD+ and related compounds in the face of metabolic stresses. Because the levels of supplementation in mice that produce beneficial effects are achievable in people, it appears that health benefits of NR will be translatable to humans safely."

The bottom line? Nicotinamide riboside effectively kick-starts and revitalizes the mitochondria, and increased energy in the cells supports the health of our neurons, healthy energy levels, metabolism, and more. Protection against cellular aging means protection against age-related disease -- and a greater chance of a lifetime of wellness.

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