Bone Health : Whole Earth & Sea® Bone Structure Multivitamin & Mineral from Natural Factors®

Fresh, Raw Ingredients from Our Farms
Whole Earth & Sea Pure Food Bone Structure Multivitamin & Mineral delivers raw, whole food nutrition with real health benefits. The vitamins and minerals come primarily from Farm Fresh Factors™ and other plant sources such as lichen, algae, kelp, natto, garlic, tomato and sunflower. Many of the nutrient-rich plants are grown on Natural Factors certified organic, non-GMO farms. Food-source nutrients are more easily absorbed and utilized by the human body. Bone Structure contains meaningful amounts of each vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient.

Our Farm Fresh Factors starts with 200 grams of fresh raw plants, processed using our EnviroSimplex® method to retain and intensify the total goodness of whole food into rich living food. Proprietary EnviroSimplex processing keeps the temperature below 118°F (48°C), resulting in raw nutrition that captures all the vibrant energy and goodness of nature. EnviroSimplex technology ensures consistent, high-potency concentration of the ingredients while preserving the integrity of the plant constituents.

The vitamins and minerals in Bone Structure are chosen for their ability to be easily absorbed and utilized. Whenever possible, food sources such as sunflower (vitamin E), natto (vitamin K2), algae (calcium), lichen (vitamin D3), kelp (iodine) and sprouted garlic (selenium) are used. The food-based nutrients are enhanced by including additional vitamins and minerals, choosing “free state” forms where the molecules are unbound, highly bioavailable and in the “active” form.

Key Benefits

  • Support bones with this calcium-rich whole food formula with active vitamin and mineral complexes for maximum absorption
  • Includes beta-glucan from Polycan®, a fermented black yeast, to promote bone formation
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