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Genesis Today Alkaline Diet

The Principle of Acid & Alkaline

Just as our normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees, there are other measures of a normal condition of homeostasis within the body. The levels of sugar, oxygen, and carbon dioxide within the blood must all be stable, and the pH (the balance between acid and alkaline) of the bodily fluids, including the blood, should be 7.4, slightly alkaline.

Balanced body chemistry pH is vital to immune health and disease correction. The body has alkaline parts (like the blood) and acid parts (like the inside of the stomach), but when our over-all body chemistry is over-acid, we open ourselves up for arthritis type diseases. A healthy body keeps the large alkaline reserves to meet the demands of too many acid-producing foods. When these are depleted beyond a 3:1 ratio, health can be seriously threatened.

Knowledge of how to keep your body in a slightly alkaline condition is vital to restoring your health. Without proper knowledge you cannot maintain the proper pH for your body to function and for the living ecosystem within you to survive.

An acid/alkaline imbalance toward too much acidity allows yeast, viruses, rebellious cancer cells, and various other parasites to thrive. Acidity also leads to conditions such as chronic fatigue, AIDS, arthritis, and allergies.

The typical American diet is high in foods that cause our bodies to become acidic. It is no wonder, then, that these serious conditions are becoming more prevelent. If you have an acidic condition from eating an acid forming diet., your body constantly is trying to return to an alkaline state by calling on your stored reserves of alkaline minerals : sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium. If you continue eating foods that are highly acid-forming, you leach even more alkaline minerals from your body, creating a mineral deficiency that becomes severe over time.

Appoximately 20% of the foods on your plate at each meal should be acid-forming, and approximately 80% should be alkaline-forming.

Common Causes of an Over -Acid Body:

Mental stress and tension (stress creates acid in the body!); over-eating;kidney, liver or adrenal malfunction; poor diet with excess acid-forming foods, such as caffeine, fried foods, tobacco, or sweets. Acidosis can often be related to or caused by arthritis, diabetes or borderline diabetes.

Acid/Alkaline Dietary Tips:

Obviously, to overcone an acidic condition, we need to eat alkaline-forming foods. There are several good ways to jumpstart this process and make the overall long-term diet more successful.

  • Go on a 24 hour liquid vegetable juice diet to cleanse excess acid wastes
  • Drink an alkalizing juice: 8 oz. Tomato juice, 1 tsp. Each of Wheat Germ, Brewer's Yeast and lecithin daily.
  • Drink 1 to 2 glasses of plain cranberry juice daily.
  • Incorporate fresh squeezed vegetable juices into your diet every day. Add lemon to your juice.
  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Water is instrumental in flushing acids out of the body. Add lemon or lime to your water.
  • For 3 dats, try and eat only fresh, raw foods to complete the body alkalizing process. Cooked foods tend to increase acidity.
  • Eat a diet of 80% alkalizing foods, including fresh and steamed vegetables, sprouts, fruits and fruit juices, miso soups, brown rice, ocean vegetables, and whole grains such as millet, quinoa and amaranth.
  • Acid forming foods should be no more than 25% or 2 to 3 weeks. Aviod foods like coffee and caffeine containing foods, meats, dairy foods (except yogurt), poultry, eggs, lentils, peanuts, cheeses, yeasted breads, most prepared foods and most condiments. Avoid SWEETS! Sugar is acid forming!
  • Excercise everyday. Excercise oxygenates the cells and tissues and encourages detoxification. Acid is removed from the body through sweat (the skin), as well as other channels of elimination (lungs, kidneys, bowel, lymphatic system).

Once we begin to rid ourselves of excess acidity and our body starts balancing itself, it is easy to follow a more relaxed dietary plan to keep our acid/alkalinity in the proper balance. All acid forming foods are not bad. On the contrary, some acid forming foods are neccesary for nutritional value and for proper pH balance.

Signs & Symptoms of An Over-Acid Body:

  • Frequent Skin Eruptions that Don't Go Away
  • Sunken Eyes with Darkness Around the Eyes
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Burning, Foul Smelling Stools and Anal Itching
  • Chronic Poor Digestion
  • Latent Ulcers or Ulcer Flare-Ups
  • Bad Breathe and Body Odor
  • Alternating Constipation and Diarrhea
  • Insomnia
  • Water Retention
  • Excessively Low Blood Pressure
  • Frequent Migraine Headaches

Sample Diet: 1 Day of Eating on the Genesis Today Alkalizing Diet

Breakfast: Sauteed green vegetables & onions (80%) & 2 poached eggs (20%)


Vegetable Soup (80%) with Quinoa (20%)

Lunch: Large Rainbow Salad (includes vegetables of all colors) (80%) topped with broiled & sliced, free range chicken (20%)


Steamed Greens and Vegatables (80%) with brown rice, millet or quinoa and beans (20%), topped with lemon.

Dinner: Steamed asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, zuccini and kale (80%), and broiled, wild salmon (20%) topped with lemon and olice oil.


Sauteed Mixed Vegetables (80%) with Tofu, over brown rice (20%) and a small raw salad.

Snacks: Raw nuts and seeds (in moderation), sliced avocado, raw vegetables, hummus wrapped in lettuce leaves, fresh squeezed vegetable juices, plain goat yogurt (occasionally), green drinks, miso soup, and more.

Beverages: Herbal teas, Powdered green drinks, Vegetable juices or bottled water.

Avoid the following "highly" acid-forming foods:

  • Sugar
  • Candy
  • Soft Drinks and Colas
  • Beer
  • Wine and other Alcoholic Drinks
  • Artificial Sweetners

Remember, all processed & pre-prepared foods containing preservatives and chamicals are acid-forming- SKIP THEM!!!!

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