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Shock finding: Cellphone-cancer link

Hold the phone!

There is a definitive link between long-term cellphone use and brain tumors, the World Health Organization found after a decade-long study.

The UN agency will soomn reveal data that show the devices can cause cancer and will issue a public health message with the findings, The Daily Telegraph of Britain reported yesterday.

The groundbreaking results go against beliefs held by many scientists, phone companies, cancer charities - and even the WHO - that cellphone use is safe.

Now, researchers are urging immediate action to limit the risks.

"In light of a number of studies which, though limited, suggest a possible  effect on radio-frequency radiation, precautions are important," Dr. Elizabeth Cardis, the head of the project told the Telegraph.

Researchers questioned 12,800 people in 13 countries - not including the United States - and talked to tumor sufferers as well as healthy cellphone users.

Researchers in six countries reported a rise of brain tumors, with one study reporting a 39 percent increase.

A leading cancer organization said it still considered cellphone use is safe and so far has seen no reason to change its opinion.

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