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Roex K2+ Supercharged Complex

Vitamin K2+ is a complex that includes Vitamin K1, MK4 (K2) and MK7 (K2). Your body needs all 3 to support a healthy Cardiovascular System as well as promote healthy blood, skin and bones.

Roex K2+ is scientifically formulated to support the Cardiovascular System, but thats not all . It promotes healthy blood, assists with healthy skin development, support a healthy liver, promotes healthy oxidative cell growth, promotes proper blood clotting and improves bone health.

Cardiovascular System

The Cardiovascular System consists of the group of organs responsible for moving blood and nutrients throughout the body. The organs in the system include the heart, veins, arteries, capilaries and the plasma and cells that make up the blood.

Bone Health

Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all over the body. It carries carbon dioxide and other waste products back to the lungs, kidneys and liver for disposal.

Healthy Skin Development

The skin is the outermost organ system, which covers all the internal organs and seals the body from the outside. It prevents the loss of of body fluids/

Healthy Liver

The liver is where your body stores vitamins, releasing then during the day as you need them. It changes the food you eat into energy and gives out chemicals that aid your brain and central nervous system. It also helps to maintain your body heat to clot your blood.

Blood Clotting

Coagulation is a complex process by which blood forms clots. It is an important part of homostasis  (the cessation of blood loss from a damaged vessel.)

Bone Health

Bones play many roles in the body. They provide structure, protect organs, anchor muscles, and store calcium. Adequate calcium consumption and weight bearing physical activity build strong bones and optimize bone mass.

Not all Vitamin K2 products are alike

Don't be misled -read the ingredients and the potency on the labels and compare. At Roex, we formulate our supplements with the highest quality ingedients available and combine them for appropriate strength and maximum efficacy.

"Our K2+ Supercharged Complex has five times more Vitamin K than other K2+  products I found on the market" says Rod Burreson, founder of Roex. (Amount per serving: 2500 mcg. There is 500 mcg of (MK7) per tablet).

Roex K2+ Supercharged Complex has Vitamin K1, MK4 (K2) and MK7 (K2).

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