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Pure Planet - Tasty Greens for Sugar Blues

UCLA study show that type II Diabetes can be controlled in as little as 21 days with proper diet and moderate exercise.

Can Whole Food Concentrates help diabetics?

Taken together, the nutritional complex provided by 100% plant based whole food concentrates like Tasty Greens for Sugar Blues, [which naturally contains essential vitamins, minerals, lightweight vegetable proteins, a rich source of chlorphyll, trace minerals, and enzymes , that are necessary to life, and have ability to help regulate the body's pH balance] better blood glucose control can be achieved, and some illnesses prevented leading to a healthier life. These vital nutrients are neccesary component in complete nutrition, and that is why Tasty Greens for Sugar Blues was awarded the U.S. Seal of Approval as a beneficial food acceptable for diabetic consumption.

" Hey this is Fatman Scoop (2 Time Grammy Winner) with a shout out to all y'all with Type 2 Diabetes like me. 2 times a day I take Tasty Greens for Sugar Blues and nothing , works better! My blood sugar was all over the place before but now my blood sugar stays between 95-105 like it's supposed to! Check it out and do it now!

Did You Know?

Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States and affects over 20 million Americans and 300 million people worldwide. It is common for diabetics to have to amputate limbs due to complications with their diabetes. Renal failure, or kidney failure, leading to dialysis are also common side effects. Weight loss, especially fat loss, plus a good diet and regular exercise, improves all aspects of diabetes and may result in a cure. So learn to control your diet now!

Who is at risk?

Everyone who lives amd breathes needs to be concerned about diabetes. Energy is produced from glucose and glucose is produced from food. If we are not eating properly, we are not producing effecient energy. Then we begin storing fat, and we set the stage for illness and disease. f any of our basic needs are out of balance, the body is under stress and cannot function properly. Drinking Tasty Greens for Sugar Blues twice on a daily basis is a great way to begin restoring balance to the body and providing the tools your body needs to begin to heal itself.

Tasty Greens for Sugar Blues is a proprietary blend of the best organic leafy greens , whole grains and slow burning carbohydrates, plus the powerful antioxidant alpha lipoic acid. Tasty Greens for Sugar Blues is a concentrated drink mix created by David Sandoval as a tool for diabetics and hypo glycemics to help support healthy blood sugar levels. It is also a great source of super food nutrition and its apple flavor makes it delicious and nutritious for everyone.

Our impressive list of ingredients

Greens - Kamut & Barley Juice Powder naturally contain magnesium, a cofactor in many enzyme systems involved in blood sugar control. Diabetics are often magnesium deficient. Cereal grasses may also support your digestion, circulation, and immune systems, as well as tone your skin, through their cleansing, detoxifying actions.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful antioxidant that studies show may help reduce pain, burning, itching and numbness associated with nerve damage caused by diabetes. Studies indicate that Alpha Lipoic Acid may assist in the removal of glucose from the blood in people with Diabetes.

Rice Bran Solubles is a concentrated source of B vitamins and tocotrienols, which are powerful viatmin-E type nutrients. Clinical research shows that Rice Bran Soluables help stabilize blood glucose.

Aktivated Barley Studies have shown Aktivated Barley to be effective at reducing glucose and insulin responses. It is the slowest burning complex carbohydrate known to man with the highest amount of convertable beta glucan, which is a soluable fiber. Aktivated barley will also give you sustained energy without the "crash" associated with energy drinks and coffee.

Lo Han Guo Berry contains a natural sweetening agent called Mogroside that is 250 times sweeter than sugar - so a small amount means less calories.

Organic Apple





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