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The Genesis Today Survival Plant Fast

Each Survival Plant has developed its own unique survival properties. For this reason, Dr Lindsey Duncan, a world authority on dietary cleanses and fasts, drinks all four of these Survival Juices (Goji 100/Total Goji 100, Acai 100, Noni 100, and Mangosteen 100) every day.  In fact, he believes that there is synergistic effect to drinking multiple juices.

The Importance Of Fasting For Cleansing Your Body

Over time, toxins build in our bodies as a result of exposure to excess pollutants and poisons in the air we breathe, in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, and in the food we eat. Our bodies are designed to eliminate toxins under normal conditions, but in today's world, toxins build up in our system faster than our bodies can expel them. For many people, this ability to "self-purify" is even more difficult because they are exposed to toxins such as heavy metals, cigarette smoke, pollution, pesticides and preservatives in food. Internal cleansing or detoxification helps remove these toxins from our bodies in a gentle, safe and natural manner.

What Are The Seven Channels Of Elimination?

The seven channels of elimination are the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, skin and blood. Many fasting programs focus on cleansing just one organ or system, but they are all connected and you cannot target just one. The entire body must be cleansed. Without a thorough whole-body cleanse, toxins will be distributed throughout the body. A Survival Juice Fast effectively addresses all seven channels of elimination.

What Is A Survival Plant?

Adapted for continued existence over thousands of years, certain  hardy and proven plants have taken on characteristics that have taken on characteristics that have enabled them to withstand harsh and volatile enviroments including periods of extreme drought , flood, temperature shifts, lava flows and more over thousands of years. That's why they have earned the name "Survival Plants". These traits are also what provide so many unique nutritional and therapeautic benefits of these nutrient-dense Survival Plant fruits.

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