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Roex'x NHB-1 - Natural Hormone Balancer

Your Hormones

From the moment we are conceived, hormones are shaping our development. These signaling molecules, over our lifetime, govern growth (both physically and mentally), metabolism, mood and are central to our overall well-being. Released by the Endocrine System, which is comprised of the: pituitary, thyroid, adrenalal, and the thymus glands, as well as, the pancreas, ovaries and testes, hormones are at work for us each second of the day. These 8 glands and organs orchestrate a very complex chemical balancing act that carry us through each stage of life. As you can imagine, or more likely have already experienced, hormones out of balance can have quite an impact on our lives and health in general.

Hormone Imbalance

Whether you're a man or woman, the older you get the more aware you become of the natural hormone changes that commonly occur. As we get older the body's needs are different and therefore, hormonal output and balancing is changing as well. This is a completely natural process. Unfortunately, for millions of people this natural process is sometimes plagued by uncomfortable periods of adjustment due to various factors. One of the most common misconceptions is that women are the only ones that experience these changes. While hormonal imbalance is more commonly associated with women, more and more men are experiencing these changes and looking for help as well.

Many of the hormonal changes that occur for both men and women can be varied, but the more commonly experienced has to do with the balance of androgens and estrogens; more specifically testosterone and estrogen. In some instances thebody can be overloaded with estrogen and become estrogen dominant, which carries with it a multitude of problems. However, in most cases this balance starts to naturally shift and gradually becomes offset, we begin to feel and eventually see the effects. Common symptoms of this imbalance in women are irritability, moodiness, weight gain, night sweats and decreased libido. Men alsoexperience lowered sex drive, low energy levels, loss of muscle mass, weight gain, and decreased performance at leisure and work.

In addition to the natural hormonal fluctuation that occurs, enviromental hormonesal fluctuation that occurs, enviromental hormones are also working against us and playing a part. Enviromental hormones come in the forms of pesticides in the air and on our foods, plastics we come in contact with, pollutants, drugs, and the hormone injected foods we eat. The threat that these enviromental factors pose to this already delicate process is very real and cause for serious concern. When you consider the ways in which we come in contact with these enviromental hormones , you quickly realize that completely avoiding them is out of the question. It's in our best interest to find ways to minimize our exposure and be conscious of their influence on our health.

So What's the Answer

While changing hormones and the physical and emotional stresses that can result are for the most part a fact of life, there are things that we can do to ease into these new phases. Your approach is as customizable as you'd like to make it, but here are some basics that should help.

Obviously diet and exercise are the biggest factors that you have immediate control over. it it's not part of your routine yet, you need to adopt a well-rounded healthy diet. Everything we put in our body has an impact on us hormonally. Some foods nourish us and some foods deplete us, so be smart with what you choose to eat. Also, regular exercise is key. As we age, we gradually become less active. Exercise  stimulates the body and causes the natural and healthy release of hormones and other beneficial chemicals. Thirdly, education is always a must. Continue learning about your body and what works for you. And don't forget supplementation. Adding nutritional supplements to a healthy lifestyle is always a plus. It's nearly possible to stay on track and make sure you're getting the right amount of nutrients in the right portions each day through diet alone, so this where quality nutritional supplements come in. Supplementing with the right vitamins , minerals, herbs and extracts can be beneficial for anyone, especially when it comes to your hormone levels. And this is exactly why we've formulated NHB-1. We understand the importance of giving the body nutrients it needs to support normal and healthy hormonal regulation.

NHB-1 from Roex

NHB-1 (Natural Hormone Balancer-1), is a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that work to naturally restore and balance hormone levels throughout the body. This formula nutritionally supports and complements he body's natural hormonal regulator process. NHB-1 is beneficial for both men and women seeking a natural way to support normal and healthy hormone levels.

Each of the ingredients in NHB-1 has been included to nutritionally assist hormone balancing activities. With NHB-1 from Roex you'll be giving your body specific nutritional tools it can use to naturally help these chemical messengers stay balanced.

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